The creative industry is laden with lingo. In fact, we’re willing to bet some marketers just use terms interchangeably, and hope for the best.

But when it comes to strategy, speaking plain English is crucial to brand success. Lumping brand, marketing and comms strategy together does an injustice to your business, and the specialists that deliver it.

To help marketeers navigate their way around creative services, we’ve drawn up a what’s what of the three key strategies your brand will need, so that in your next board meeting, you can do more than nod along. …

In short: no. But the best branding does.

There’s no question that consumers are on the hunt for brands that align with their personal values more than ever. But that doesn’t mean your brand or message needs to be inauthentically worthy.

Even if you don’t identify as a social purpose business, doing good is a spectrum — you’ve just got to find your place on it.

Whilst we believe in brands’ power to move the needle on the things that matter, it’s also a complicated landscape to navigate. Here’s how you can start:

Redefine what it means to save the…

Shepherd or Sheep?

This week in rudimentary ways to categorise a population, we’re taking a look at the divisive line between leaders and followers. Shepherds and sheep. And while some may use the latter label as an uninventive dig, in the branding world, we couldn’t think more highly of the flock. Leading your fanbase effectively is crucial to brand success, and we’ve devised the holy trinity of tips to get you there. Here they are in all their glory.

1. Have an opinion

Whilst the concept of thought leadership used to be reserved for TED talks and philosophical webinars only, it’s since taken on a different definition…

What triggers a double-tap, a swipe-up, a share via Whatsapp or inputting our personal details into a ‘subscribe here’ box?


We’ve seen it come to life during lockdown; previously unacquainted neighbours chatting through open windows, rallying together out of love for their neighbourhoods. The same camaraderie is found amongst brand fanbases too — the desire to belong, to be understood, to share in a moment. It’s human nature.

Building community

Let’s say, for analogy’s sake, that beginning to build a following is like planting a seed. Nurturing that seed becomes like fostering a community. You monitor its growth, you understand its needs. If it’s managed the right way, you’ll be on your way to cult status. …

If you’ve ever been asked, in life or at work, to describe yourself as a ‘personal brand’ — we’re sorry. The jargon of adland has a way of permeating interview rooms across the land. But we’re here to tell you, against our better judgment, that there’s something in it. You see, dear reader, brands hailed as worldwide success stories have a very common denominator; and it’s all about getting personal.

If brands are like humans (and the best ones are), the way they behave is as intricate and ripe for analysis as the real thing. You wouldn’t claim to know…

Working with entrepreneurs and start-ups is one of the most exciting aspects of what we do. The challenge of bringing to life a new product or business idea is what gets us out of bed in a morning. However, all too often one of the biggest challenges we face is demonstrating why having a strong brand proposition is so important — especially to people who believe their product or service speaks for itself. We admire passion and commitment but without a strong brand proposition start ups just won’t get cut through regardless of how great the product or idea is.

Christian Gunn

Co-Founder @LoveGunn

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